Service & Workshop

Services of the highest quality for your Mercedes.

Our Mercedes-Benz workshop services keep your Mercedes in peak condition – or restore it to that with professional expertise at the lowest possible cost. And with a warranty, too.

Safety and repair services

The decision to purchase a Mercedes-Benz is always a decision in favour of safety and quality. The most cutting-edge high-strength materials, complex body structures from steel and aluminium and the networked car electronics of the active and passive safety systems require not only knowledge of the correct procedures for repair but also the proper workshop equipment. Don’t leave your safety to chance – leave it instead to the specialists from Mercedes-Benz.


At Mercedes-Benz, we value our customers and pride ourselves on offering them a superior customer service. We believe that your experience with us should meet up with your expectations with the aim of making your journey with Mercedes-Benz both pleasant and memorable.

With My Service, we aim to enhance your experience for it to be a “FEEL GOOD FACTOR” along your journey with us. This is our way of ensuring you, our customer, that your journey with us will always be valued and treasured.

Service Care

What is Service Care?

At Mercedes-Benz, we believe that when our customers purchase a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, they purchase an experience. Not only do we strive to make that experience pleasant, we also pride ourselves in going the extra mile to ensure their journey with us is long lived. That is why we have introduced Service Care for vehicles that no longer have a maintenance plan.

Service Care is a budgeting plan that covers servicing costs for a Mercedes-Benz vehicle. The vehicle should be out of maintenance and aged up to 10 years old with a mileage of < 200 000 km. Our customers have the privilege of purchasing either two or four services at one go, safeguarding themselves against unknown future servicing costs.

Who can purchase Service Care?

Any Mercedes-Benz customer with vehicles outside of the Maintenance plan (MobiloDrive or PremiumDrive) with vehicle mileage of < 200 000km and less then10 years old.

What does Service Care cover?

Labour and parts costs for the manufacturer’s recommended service content. Therefore only service items eg: oil filter, Spark plugs, fuel filter.

All items required on the Electronic Service Sheet (ESS).

What does Service Care not cover?

Items not covered on the ESS.

It does not cover wear and tear items and any other repairs such as brakes, suspension etc.

What Service Care options are available?

You have the option of choosing between the following Service Care options provided your vehicle meets the set criteria:

  • SERVCARE2: Comprises of two services.

  • SERVCARE4: Comprises of four services.

  • SERVCARE+2: Top up of two additional services on top of the first/original plan that was purchased.

  • SERVCARE+4: Top up of four additional services on top of the first/original plan that was purchased.

How to purchase Service Care?

  • You are able to purchase Service Care at any time provided your vehicle is below 200 000 km, and up to 10 years old.

  • Step 1: Get into contact with a Finance and Insurance consultant at your nearest dealer.

  • Step 2: The consultant will issue a cost estimate that is valid for 7 days.

  • Step 3: Should you wish to accept the estimate, you will be allowed to purchase.

  • Service Care is available as of 1 November 2013.