Stucky Motors

For nearly 5 decades, the name “Stucky” has been veritably synonymous with the name “Mercedes-Benz.”
This association is thoroughly entrenched as a result of the deep commitment, staying power, and love affair this family has had with the Mercedes-Benz brand throughout the decades. The relationship between the Stucky Family and Mercedes-Benz spans a period of over 47 years, through 3 successive generations of successfully owned and managed family business enterprise.
Stucky Motors was founded in 1965 by brothers Werner and Roland Stucky, who immigrated to South Africa from Germany in 1953 and 1954 respectively and started working at their father-in-law’s automotive dealership.

After founding Stucky Motors in Volksrust in 1965, Werner Stucky sr. personally built the workshops still in use today, using beams and scrap metal welded together for reinforcing of the concrete foundations, in place of more expensive steel reinforcing. Specializing in building bus bodies during the 70’s in 80’s, they converted Leyland and DAF bus bodies to Mercedes-Benz coaches. They were the first dealers in South Africa to sell commercial vehicles and busses into Swaziland, and started a trend and love for Mercedes-Benz in Swaziland that lasts to this day. Over the years, the second generation of Stucky’s broadened the leadership base at Stucky Motors with the entry of Fritz Stucky in 1980, Karl Stucky in 1985, and finally Reiner Stucky in 2004. This had enabled the unprecedented expansion and success of Stucky Motors in the last decade, and it all but ensures it’s success in the decades ahead.


Piet Retief

Attesting to the success of their effort; local penetration of Mercedes-Benz in their designated market area is at an astonishing 14%, nearly double the national average of 8%. This success also bolsters the associated brands they sell and support, which includes Mercedes-Benz Commercial since 1969 and finally Fuso and Freightliner since 2008.

Stucky Motors have been a beacon of service excellence and community involvement in the Volksrust surroundings for decades, with the family’s involvement in Volksrust stretching across a period of over 50 years. With the expansion of Stucky Motors to Newcastle and Piet Retief, the stirling reputation and steadfast legacy continues to broaden to ever wider markets, and their commitment to local communities have won them many hearts, minds, and long term customers over the years.

Through avenues such as their enterprise development fund, they have generated lasting goodwill for Mercedes-Benz and associated brands through their sponsorships and investments in local projects, especially in previously disadvantaged communities. This is particularly evinced by the miraculous success story of their enterprise development investment in Nquthu recently, which provides internet access to thousands of desperately impoverished people in Nquthu who otherwise would have had nothing.

Today, with the entry of the third generation of Stucky’s into the management structures of the enterprise, the trend of passion and staying power is ensured to continue for many decades hence.

The leadership strength and unmatched success ethic (bolstered by the second generation of Stucky’s in management at Stucky Motors), has enabled the rapid expansion of Stucky Motors in the last decade, opening new dealerships in Newcastle in 2004, and Piet Retief in 2008, while still retaining the expected service excellence and unified leadership style that have entrenched their reputation for excellence throughout South Africa.

The expansion to Newcastle and Piet Retief gives them an extensive geographical footprint, spanning the largest part of the Mpumalanga Highveld, and expansive parts of Northern Natal.
They have not just survived, but thrived over the years, and this can be attributed to their steadfast commitment to service excellence and their passion for the expansion of the Mercedes brand.

Always on the forefront with new technological innovations and service excellence, Stucky Motors continue to expand the prestige and success of the Mercedes-Brand in novel ways. 
Their responsiveness to the disparate needs of both commercial and passenger sectors, and their unique approach to customer demands, set them apart from any would be competition in the market, and ensures continued growth for decades to come.